LVN provides the finest and most up-to-date neurosurgical care available in the Chicagoland area. Our doctors and staff understand that neurological disorders are often very complex and frequently quite disabling. Our practice philosophy emphasizes informed decision making. After performing your medical history and physical examination, we will review the relavant diagnostic test (MRI, CT scan, x-rays, etc.) with you and present the various treatment options. After a thorough discussion of the risks and benefits of each choice, we will help you to construct the best treatment strategy for your individual case.

LVN is available 24 hours a day to help you move forward with your healing process.

    • Cranial Pathology
Brain tumorsHydrocephalusTraumatic brain injuryChiari malformations
    • Spinal Disorders
Minimally Invasive Spinal SurgeryHerniated disksBone spursSpinal stenosisOsteoporotic fracturesSpine trauma
    • Peripheral Nerve Entrapment
Carpal Tunnel SyndromeUlnar neuropathyOccipital neuralgia
    • Chronic Pain and Cancer Pain
Intrathecal morphine pumpsSpinal cord stimulators